100% Caseïne eiwitten (2kg)


  • 100% water based casein protein!
  • Ideal protein for the night!
  • Excellent aminogram!
  • Ideal for athletes and figure-conscious!
  • Perfect basic care for muscle growth and muscle maintenance!
  • Sweetened with Stevia!
  • Even more effective in combination with whey protein!
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Protein supplier with long-lasting effect
Due to their anti-catabolic effect, casein proteins reduce protein breakdown and thus promote muscle growth. Because the long-chain protein building blocks of casein are digested slowly, ensuring a continuous supply of amino acids and long-lasting satiety. The 100% casein protein drink that is ideal as a supplement to the diet phase, as a last meal in the evening before going to bed, or to bridge longer meal breaks in the definition phase.

Without milk, with a lot of flavor
By sweetening with stevia and preparing the ultra-fine protein powder with water as an alternative to milk, it is possible to dose some calories, fats, sugars and carbohydrates. Therefore, the protein drink is particularly suitable for the diet phase or for a low-carbohydrate diet. Nine different flavors offer the right casein drink for everyone.

Keep away from heat, moisture and sunlight. Proteins contribute to an increase in muscle mass. A balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Add 25 g of powder (about 2 heaped tablespoons) and 250 ml of cold water to the blender jar and shake for 20 seconds. Drink up to 4 servings daily to achieve the stated positive effect. It is recommended to eat before exercise or before competitions, immediately after training and before going to bed.

Maximum protein content
Micellar casein protein is a natural constituent of milk, which is largely free of milk sugar (lactose) and milk fat through microfiltration. In addition to 50% essential amino acids (EAAs), 20% branched chain amino acids (BCAAs: L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine), 20% glutamine, 100% micellar casein protein contains an above average amount of arginine (3.5%) .

May contain traces of SOY, LUPINE, EGG and GLUTEN.

Per 100 g Per 25 g
Energy 1482 kJ / 349 kcal 370 kJ / 87 kcal
Fats 1.5 g <0.5 g
of which saturated 0.7 g 0.2 g
Carbohydrates 4.9 g 1.2 g
of which sugars 4.9 g 1.2 g
Protein 79 g 20 g
salt 0.30 g 0.08 g


Amino acids per 100 g

Isoleucine * 3871 mg
Leucine * 7347 mg
Lysine * 7268 mg
Valine * 4819 mg
Phenylalanine * 3634 mg
Threonine * 3318 mg
Methionine * 1817 mg
Tryptophan * 1106 mg
Glutamine 15800 mg
Asparagine 5688 mg
Arginine 2923 mg
Proline 7505 mg
Serine 3950 mg
Alanine 2528 mg
Glycine 1422 mg
Tyrosine 3792 mg
Histidine 2765 mg
Cysteine 552 mg

* Essential amino acids


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